Take a Piece! Support Children’s Hospital in Asia

It was a bright, beautiful summer Saturday. Take a Piece! delivered a big pan of cake for the birthday girl.


If you don’t know yet about my charity baking activity called Take a Piece!, please see this page first.
Take a Piece!

The mother of the birthday girl is one of my friends who is a powerful mom and a photographer. She has been always supported a NPO called Friends without a Border which provides healthcare and continuing education of healthcare professionals throughout Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Friends without a Border

Friends without a Border was founded by a well known photographer Kenro Izu, who has visited Cambodia multiple times for his commercial shooting in 90s and witnessed children suffered, and decided to build a pediatric hospital in the country.

Since Angkor Hospital for Children opened in 1999, the number of treated patients reached over 1 million and the hospital successfully became independent and sustainable locally in 2013. This is absolutely outstanding success as a NPO started from an individual intent. My friend decided to donate to this organization for the cake I bake. Great.

So, I bake a large Streuselkuchen using a lot of summer berries and brought it to the party.


I was VERY happy to hear that guests and kids enjoyed the cake.


For a party, event or just for yourself, please feel free to contact me to bake. I love doing it.

Also visit FB page and like it.
Take a Piece! Facebook page

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