Hi, my name is Yu, a passionate cooking lover living in Astoria, NY.

As I am originally from Japan, my basic cooking style is somewhat Japanesey, which I learned in my mother’s kitchen. However, since I met and married to a man from the beer country (Germany, if you guess) and started a new life in the US, I have been so enlightened and entertained to eat and learn how to cook diverse foods from all over the world.

I started to wright a recipe blog in Japanese on January 1st, 2010. Although I was wondering that my recipes may be helpful for other Japanese people who live abroad and do not know well about how and what to cook in the unfamiliar environment, the first and biggest reason why I started and still keep writing is simply because I enjoy it so much!

I have posted over 120 recipes for the last three years including Korean Kimchee, Greek octopus salad, German fruit cake, Pakistani curry, British roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, Cajun catfish, Brazilian vatapa and much more, and have over seven hundred thousand PVs.

Since the original blog host was not flexible to manage a lot of recipes, I switched the host and moved all the recipes to a new domain which is Cooking Lover’s Kitchen in January 2013. Simultaneously, I decided to devote more on my second recipe blog, which is this recipe blog written in English and I will update it more frequently from now on.

Since I respect food and culture, some of my recipe may be authentic and serious, consequently not as easy and quick as today’s busy people want to try. If so, please just enjoy reading and seeing pictures. I just wish my recipes may be fun, helpful or inspiring for people who have cooking passion just like I do.



January 2013


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