Take a Piece!

Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Yu and I would love to let you know about Take a Piece! project which makes you smile with a nice piece of cookie, and also makes others smile somewhere.

Take a Piece, Make a Change

The beginning was at my kitchen. I love cooking and I do cook almost everyday for daily meal. However, I cannot bake as frequently as I wish because I don’t want my butt become even bigger with nice mixture of sugar and butter.

So, very often, I just bake cakes or cookies and give it to my friends and neighbors as small gift. Naturally, I started to think whether I can do something better than that.

The idea is, I bake cookies, cakes, brownies or bars and I will bring them to your office or house. I won’t charge, it’s free. But the box of cookies comes with one envelope.


It contains a sheet of a mail-in donation form, so you write a check, any amount you feel comfortable with, payable to the U.S. fund for UNICEF and send it out. So, I bake, you eat, and it helps to provide health care, immunization, clean water, education to improve children’s life somewhere in the world.

It’s Better than Buying!
Next time you need a box of cookies for an event, a party, a meeting, or simply for yourself, consider to place an order here instead of buying it from a shop. Not only you can get homemade fresh cookies baked to your order, you can also feel good and happy and be a nice person!
I hope Take a Piece! will be a bridge between your craving for sweets and your benevolence.

Some examples of baking goods Take a Piece! can deliver are…


Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Linzer Torte

…and more cookies, bars, brownies, cakes! If you want something for wine (not coffee!), I can make nice savory quiche, as well.

I have full time work and my work schedule is irregular, so I will announce something like “who wants chocolate sand cookies next Monday?” on Facebook, or, you can contact me at takeapiece@hotmail.com to ask for availability.

My baking goods are truly homemade and home style, made with real butter, real sugar, real flour, and I will always give the complete list of ingredients and the recipe will be available on this blog, as well.

I live in Astoria, Queens, NY. So I can bring the baking goods within Queens, Manhattan, and maybe Brooklyn and other areas where MTA runs. Pickup will be appreciated.

Special thanks to Matthias, Jiu, Kossiwa, Alexis, and Clark’s mom who encouraged me to start the project and gave me advice.

April 13, 2013

Featured Projects:

Support Kids Going to School, Cool Mountain Education Fund

Support Children’s Hospital in Asia, Friends without Border

Disclaimer: All the foods delivered are made in the kitchen where processes peanut, soy, egg, shellfish and other food ingredients which may cause allergic reaction.

Attention: Please do not redistribute the baking goods of Take a Piece! regardless of whether it is for a profit-seeking or non-profit-seeking purpose.

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