Take a Piece, Support Kids Going to School

I hope all of you have already learned about my non-profit seeking baking project named Take a Piece!. If not, learn how to enjoy freshly baked cookies and be a nice person.


Take a Piece, Make a Change
The concept of Take a Piece! is simple. When you need some cookies, bars, brownies or cake for an event or a party, you can order me instead of ordering to be catered or buying at a shop.
I won’t receive any money but the box of cookies will come with an envelop which contains a donation form to a humanitarian, peace making organization such as UNICEF. So, you write a check, any amount you are willing to and comfortable with, payable to a NPO then send out.


It’s Better than Buying!
You will anyway get what you want, which may be cookies or cakes or brownies, and spend for it. The difference is that 100% of your spending will go to a humanitarian organization as donation.


Cool Mountain Education Fund Feat. Take a Piece!
Although I usually enclose a donation form for UNICEF, you can choose any organization to support, as my friend Rachel Meyer suggested.

Rachel is a postdoctoral fellow in Plant Biology at NYU and has been involved in Cool Mountain Education Fund, which built a school in a small village in the deepest China and has been supporting it since 2005.

Cool Mountain Education Fund

So, two weeks ago, I was armed with two boxes of sample cookies and visited her office in NYU. Rachel was waiting for me with printed flyers.

Then Rachel and I started to visit people in the building, offered free tasting of cookies and explained that they can order it for next event or party. We were very nervous first but many people were very friendly and showed their interest and understanding of what we were trying to do.

People liked my cookies.

Fortunately we got a few order on the day. Then a week later, I delivered cookies and brownies. So far, we have made $80 from two pans of brownies and one box of chocolate chip cookies to support Chinese kids going to school.

Any Activity, Any Organization
As far as a proper, unfailing money transfer of donation is provided, I don’t care which organization to money goes. So, an animal rescue league, a children’s cancer research or anything of your interest is fine. I want Take a Piece! to be a bridge between your cookie craving and your benevolence.

If you are interested, contact me at takeapiece@hotmail.com. Also visit facebook page and like it to create buzz.

Thank you!

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