Chickpea Tofu

No complicated coagulant needed. What you need is only chickpeas and water to make this fresh homemade tofu.


What you need:
2 cups of dried chickpeas
5 cups of water
A cheesecloth

What to do:

1) In a bowl, put 2 cups of dried chickpeas and 5 cups of water and allow to soak overnight.

2) Put all the chickpeas and water in a food processor. If your food processor is not large enough, try half quantity and do it twice. Remember, you need half quantity of both peas and water. Don’t forget to pour water.

Then process until smooth.

3) Using a cheesecloth, filter out the chickpea residue.

Pour the chickpea mixture into a cheesecloth.


Then squeeze out as much liquid as you can.

Now you have chickpea milk and pulp separated.
(In the same method, you can make soy milk by using soy beans instead of chickpeas. However, please be noted that the soy milk you made in this method is still raw and you need to heat and cook before consume.)

Maybe you want to make some Falafel with the pulp later.

And this is the raw chickpea milk.
The starch may be on the bottle and lumpy, so stir well.

4) Pour all the chickpea milk into a pan, and heat over medium heat. Stir continuously.
As being heated, the milk will start to thicken. Keep stirring until it becomes like thick custard cream. This may take about 10 minutes.

5) Wet the inside of a container you will use as the mold. Pour in the hot mixture and smooth out the top.
Let it cool at room temperature, and put into the refrigerator. It will take a few hours to get completely solid.

6) Unmold and cut into squares. Serve chilled, with wasabi soy sauce.

This will be a great summer appetizer you can serve to anyone, including vegan and vegetarian if you did not place a few pieces of grilled eel on top.

I have this recipe in Japanese, too.

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