Super Fresh Chicken from Slaughter House

Getting some super fresh chicken may be a little shocking experience. I bought one from a local slaughter house.

The slaughter house is located near 36th Ave. station (N line) in Astoria.

Pollo Vivo 36-21 31st. Street Astoria, NY

This place makes halal meat, which means their method of slaughtering conforms to Islamic law. Halal meat is of course good for anyone, including non-Islam. Actually, I like halal meat because of some of their guidelines, for example, the animal must have been fed a natural diet with definitely no animal by-products. Also the halal slaughtering method, which slits the throat with a sharp knife, is thought to be one of the most humane ways of slaughtering (some disagree because the halal method does not use electric stuns before slaughtering).

This house carries other poultry than chickens, such as pigeons, quails and rabbits.

I guess chicken meat sold at a supermarket is probably from white broilers. Then I want to try the brown one.

She was 5 lbs and $12. I asked to defeather her and cut off the head and feet, and clean inside. If you do not want to cut it up by yourself nor plan to roast a whole chicken, ask them to cut it up.

15 minutes later, she came in a plastic bag.

Oh, this is warm….

Chicken meat is said to taste best 8-24 hours after slaughtering as its muscle protein converts into inosinic acid and amino acid.

Wash the chicken with running cold water and cut it up.

Takes legs from the body…

I think this movie is good to see how.

I took breasts from bones though.

I have two legs, two wings, two breasts and bones (and a heart, a liver, and a gizzard)

Then cook it in any way you like!
I used thighs for simple grilled chicken (yakitori) ,

and made soup stock from bone (see the recipe)…

…and used the soup stock and drumsticks and a heart, a liver, and a gizzard for making biriani.

Enjoy your chicken!

I also wrote about this in Japanese, too.

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