Orange Soy Sauce BBQ Wings

Using orange marmalade, brown sugar and soy sauce, my sweet and fruity BBQ sauce is perfect for chicken wings.

What you need:
12 Chicken Wings
Orange marmalade, 2 tbs, scoop
Brown sugar, 2 tbs, scoop
Honey, 1 tbs
Salt 1/2 ts
Soy sauce, 2-3 tbs
Vinegar, 3 tbs
Hot red pepper or hot cayenne pepper, 1 ts
A pinch of cumin and cardamon, if you have.

How to make:
1) Wash the chicken wings with running water, then pat dry.

2) In a bowl, mix all the ingredients other than wings.

You can also add a bit of garlic powder, black/white pepper or other your favorite spice.

3) Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and oil it. Heat the oven to 375.

4) Place the wings on the baking sheet and brush sauce evenly.

5) Put the wings in the oven and bake for 10 min.

6) After 10 min, take the sheet out and brush the wings with the sauce. Return into the oven, and bake another 10 min.

7) Take the sheet out, flip all the wings over, and brush them with sauce. Return to oven.

8) After baking 10 minutes, again, take it out, flip them over, brush with sauce and return.

9) 10 minutes later, this is the last time to take it out and brush. Use all the remaining sauce and return it to oven. Then increase the heat to 400 degrees and bake for 5 min. or until the sauce is appetizingly caramelized.

Enjoy and never mind to be messy!

I have this recipe in Japanese, too.

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