Raclette at Home

Raclette, a Swiss melted cheese dish, is popular in nearby countries including Germany where my husband is from. However you do not have to travel to Europe to enjoy it.

The following picture is Raclette I found in a Christmas market in Germany last year.

Traditionally, Reclette is prepared by heating a large block of cow milk cheese in front of open fire and scrape its melted part. But a modern electric Raclette grill is more practical and convenient for home use.

I bought Boska Holland Mini Raclette Set for two from Amazon. It was about $40.

Use a small individual pan for heating cheese under the heat element. On top of the hot plate, you can grill vegetables or other things.

I used Gruyère and some other cheese I bought at a local European grocery store. Unfortunately, I could not find Raclette cheese.

Some boiled baby potatoes will be a nice company together with some pickled small onion, salami, mushroom etc.

Let’s start grilling some sliced mushroom on top while you wait the cheese gets nicely melting.

See this melted cheese in the tiny pan. How nice this is for those who has a mother always says “don’t leave crust!”

Melted cheese over baby potatoes and grilled vegetable.

I love Raclette dinner with some green salad and chilled Riesling!

If only you have a Raclette grill, it is so easy to prepare and so much fun to eat this. I have a small grill set for only two person, but a larger set will support casual, low-key party with friends.

I have this recipe in Japanese recipe, too.

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