Daikon Rice Porridge

This is my best hangover remedy. And tastes great.


What you need
Daikon, 7 oz (200g)
Rice (preferably Japanese sushi rice), 1 cup
Dashi soup stock or your favorite stock, 8-10 cup
Miso, 2 tbs

There is a recipe of Japanese dashi stock using dried anchovy.

What is Daikon?
Also often called white radish or Japanese radish, Daikon is a Japanese favorite winter vegetable (although it is available all year round nowadays). Recently we can find them in a well stocked American supermarket. Both root and leaves are edible.

Daikon is good for soup, salad, stew and pickles, it has been appreciated for centuries in many Asian countries.


Its health benefit is huge. First of all, it is very low in calorie content, high in vitamin C and rich in digestive enzyme for human to process fat, protein and carb. Daikon is great hangover and cold remedy.

How to make
Although it takes time, about 45 minutes to 1 hour, the procedure itself is simple.

1) Peel the skin of daikon, chop it into small dices.


2) Rinse the rice in a few changes of cold water. Drain, then put the rice in a heavy pot.

3) Pour soup stock and add diced daikon.

In case you use prepared soup stock, be careful not to make it too salty. Remember, you will add some miso paste later.

4) Cover the pot and cook over high heat until boiling. Once reached to boil, reduce the heat to low and simmer for 40-45 minutes or until rice is very tender.

5) In the mean time, put the miso paste in a cup and add a half cup of water. Mix until well blended.

6) When the rice is soft, add the half of miso mixture slowly. Mix thoroughly and taste, and gradually add more miso until salty enough for you. Typically, Asian rice porridge should not be too salty so that you can enjoy the subtle sweetness of rice.

7) Carefully drop an egg onto the rice. Cover, and stop heating. Steam until the egg gets as hard as you like. Maybe 3-5 minutes of steaming makes the egg just like a perfect poached egg.


Serve, and sprinkle with red/black pepper. If you have daikon leaves, chop finely and add it as extra crunch and vitamin.


I really need this rice porridge in the morning after fun party with a lot of nice drinks, and when I have cold.

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