Low Fat Orange Ginger Dressing

Many think low fat means less flavor. Not always true.

Use fresh orange and onion, it gives wonderful flavor.

What you need:
1/2 Onion, (preferably Vidalia) 
1 Juice orange, squeezed
Ginger, grated, 1-2 tbs
Sake or white wine, 2 tbs
Soy sauce, 3tbs
1/2 Lemon, squeezed
Oil, 3-4 tbs
Honey, 1 ts
Salt, 1/2 ts

What to do:
Cut and peel onion, then grate it with a grater. Grate ginger, as well. Or, you can process with a food processor.

Squeeze orange and lemon.

Put all the ingredients in a jar, tightly cover and shake. Try tasting and use salt, soy sauce, pepper, honey, lemon or whatever to adjust the seasoning.

You can use your favorite oil and vinegar. Many like olive oil but it gets solid at as low temperature as in a fridge. So I like to use walnut or grape seed oil instead.

This dressing is perfect for salad with the tender, moist boiled chicken.

You can keep it in your fridge up to two weeks. Enjoy summer salad.

I have this recipe in Japanese, too.

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