Home Made Healthy Granola

Muesli is a very popular breakfast granola in Switzerland and Germany. It is a bit pricy to buy in the US but you can make it easily and save money.


What you need;

Rolled oat
Your favorite dried fruits, whole or chopped
Your favorite nuts and seeds, whole or chopped
Oil, optional
Honey or agave syrup, optional

How to make;
It is so easy and simple!

1) First, roast rolled oats and nuts until crispy. You can either oven roast or pan-roast. I usually use a clean, dried pan for roasting.

Use your favorite nuts as much as you like for custom making your muesli. I like to use walnuts, pecan nuts, sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sometime hazel nuts.

Chop the walnuts and pecan nuts.

You can also add sesame seeds and poppy seeds if you like.


2) Mix rolled oats and nuts is a bowl, and add just a little bit of oil and honey/ agave syrup if you like, then mix well. I add a spoonful of walnut oil and agave syrup when I make about 2 Lbs muesli to make it more crispy.


3) Place the mixed oats and nuts in a deep pan or an oven dish, and roast slowly on medium low heat until fragrant. Stir occasionally. Then stop heating.


4) When cooled, add your favorite dried fruits and mix well.


I usually use raisin, dried cranberry, cherry, apricot, papaya.


Coconut flakes give extra flavor.

5) And that’s it! Keep it in a jar with a tight lid.


Because you can use whatever you like and as much as you like, there is no doubt that it will be you best muesli. Enjoy it with milk, soy milk, yogurt or fresh fruits.

The home made muesli contains much much less sugar, oil and calories than granola bars and cereal products you can find in a supermarket. This is also high in fiber and keep you full for long time, so makes a great breakfast when you are on diet. And above all, this tastes great! Enjoy and jump start a great day.

I have this recipe in Japanese, too!

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