Fried Oyster and Salmon

Coating sea food with bread crumbs and deep fry. Always promised, everyone’s favorite.

What you need, for two

Salmon or other fish fillet, about 1/2 pound

A dozen of fresh oyster, shucked

1 Egg, beaten

Flour, 1 cup

Bread crumbs 1-1 1/2cup

Oil for fry

Salt and pepper


Tartar sauce (See the tartar sauce recipe)

What to do

1) Let’s clean oyster first. Sprinkle generous amount of salt over the oyster, and gently toss it in a bowl. Then rinse well off the salt in cold water.

Pat dry, and set on a sheet of kitchen paper.

2) I like to spread some mustard on salmon but you can simply use salt and pepper.

3) Put flour in a plastic bag, beat the egg in a bowl, and have breadcrumb in a bowl. Heat the frying oil in a deep frying pan.

4) First, coat a piece of salmon lightly with flour by throwing the piece into the plastic bag and toss.

Then dip it with beaten egg and move it into the bowl of bread crumbs to coat.

5) Check the temperature of the frying oil by dropping a small amount of bread crumb into the oil. If it sinks to the bottle, the temperature is too low. When it does not sink at all and sizzling hard on surface, the oil is too hot.

When it sinks to the middle of the oil and quickly float back to the surface, it is perfect timing!

6) Carefully add small batches of salmon to the oil.

Fry until golden. It will take 5-7 minutes to cook through, although it depends on the size of pieces.

7) Repeat the procedures from 4)-6), and fry all salmon and oyster.

Oysters will take shorter to be cooked.

8) Enjoy it with tartar sauce!

If you would like to have that in Japanese style, I would suggest to serve it with some salad, miso soup, cold tofu and rice.

I have this recipe in Japanese as well.

Please check out the Recipe Index for other recipes.

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