Octopus Sashimi and Spanish Carpaccio

These are simple yet perfect ways to taste fresh octopus.

See How to boil an octopus for preparation.

What you need
Fresh octopus, boiled
Soy sauce and wasabi for sashimi
Olive oil, salt and sweet paprika powder for Spanish carpaccio


What to do

Simply cut off tentacles and slice it.


Line it on a plate and serve it with soy sauce and wasabi for eating as Sashimi.

If you want to try the Spanish appetizer, sprinkle coarse salt and sweet paprika powder over the slices of octopus, and drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil.

Strictly speaking, this dish is called Pulpo a Feira and not a Spanish but a Galician.

Enjoy with dry, crisp white wine.

I have two posts written in Japanese regarding this dish. One is about how to boil an octopus, and the other is about Polbo á feira.



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