Brook trout marinated in vodka soy sauce

I like to marinade fish in soy sauce or miso paste for grilling/ pan-frying.  Most fish will taste good with this quick recipe but brook trout is my recent favorite.

What you need:
4 Brook trout, cut in fillet
Soy sauce  4 oz
Vodka  2 oz
Sugar  2tbs
Ginger, red pepper  optional

brook trout

What to do:

1) Brook trout is usually sold in whole, cleaned.

brook trout

You can ask in a fish shop to  cut into fillets.

2) Mix soy sauce, vodka and sugar in a bowl.

Sake or white wine is also good instead of vodka. I like vodka flavor best for this recipe though.

3) Put fillets in the bowl and mix well.  Slices of ginger, pepper or your favorite herb can be added for flavor.

fish in sauce

4) Then put all in a plastic bag and store in a fridge for overnight.

fish in a bag

5) Heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry the fish over medium-high heat.

You can use salmon, cod, cat fish and other fishes for this recipe and they will never be fishy.  Great with rice, bread or potato.

I have the recipe in Japanese, too.

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