Sweet Shrimp Ceviche with Shrimp Eggs

When you buy fresh sweet red shrimps, they  may be holding eggs. Then you are lucky.

The green colored eggs do not look appetizing but they taste nice.

Use a tiny spoon and try to collect the eggs carefully. I know it takes time and you can take just  a spoonful of eggs from a pound of shrimps.

Shrimp eggs Your patience will be rewarded.


Red shrimps (shelled and tailed)

Shrimp eggs

minced cilantro

minced and seeded cherry tomato

Freshly squeezed lime juice

salt and freshly ground pepper

Avocado, optional

How to Prepare

Put the shrimp and eggs in a small container and sprinkle dashes of lime juice, salt and pepper and mix lightly. Do not use lime juice too much, otherwise its sourness kills the delicate sweetness of shrimp meat. Add cilantro and tomato. Mix and serve on slices of avocado.

Savor the extra flavor of the egg. Yummy!

Please note; The shrimp and other seafood must be very fresh for eating raw. Do not forget to ask at the shop if it is Sushi-quality.

I have this  recipe in Japanese, too!

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