Monthly Archives: January 2011

Sweet Shrimp Ceviche with Shrimp Eggs

When you buy fresh sweet red shrimps, they  may be holding eggs. Then you are lucky.

The green colored eggs do not look appetizing but they taste nice.

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Hummus; healthy chick pea paste

A couple of small cups of dip or paste for chips and sticks are surely demanded at a party.  But who want high-calorie, high-fat mayo or cream cheese in it?  We want guilty-free, healthier alternative but have no compromise on its taste— then hummus is what you want.

Homemade hummus is healthy and yummy, and  actually very easy to make.

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Kara-age : fried chicken my hometown style

You might have tried some kara-age (pronounce each syllable separately, ka-ra-a-ge) chicken at a sushi restaurant.  It is the one of the most popular Japanese foods in the U.S.

I would love to share the recipe of my hometown, Hokkaido. This is actually easier than regular Kara-age recipe and has more enhanced flavor. You want beer with this.

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